Tough Day at the Office

Well, actually, I wasn’t in my office much today as this turned out to be the Monday from hell, which actually started last night when a pipe broke. I thought we had lucked through this recent deep freeze in Texas without a mishap, then late last night the water pressure suddenly dropped as I was doing dishes. Ooops.

Went outside and there was a geyser coming up through the slats in the deck. Broken pipe. And this despite the fact that I had worked hard covering all the pipes. What I hadn’t done was crawl under the deck, as this one had been covered and wrapped real well last year.

We don’t have a shut off valve for that side of the house only, so I had no choice but to turn off the water to the entire house. Now we are living like we are camping in a desert somewhere. Filled buckets and jugs. Drink sparingly. Use a little water in a glass to brush my teeth. Shower? No. Warm water in a pail to sponge off with.

Then this morning our cat was sick again, so we had to take her to the veterinarian’s. Still not sure what is wrong with her.

After taking care of household issues, I was late turning on my computer and had just started the update on, when the power went off.

We have a lot of power outages here and they are normally short lived. So I thought, okay, I can live with this. Just a half hour break and I will be back at work.

Here it is four hours later and I am scrambling to get a few things accomplished before the plumber shows up to fix the broken pipe. At least I hope he shows up. Pretending that I am at camp is fun for a day, but loses it’s appeal after much longer than that.

So, how has your Monday been?

6 thoughts on “Tough Day at the Office”

  1. Let’s see. Started off OK, more of less. We have a special energy saving box attaching to our heating/cooling system, which the electric company can use to turn our unit off in time of extreme power usage. In return, we get a credit on our bill. In 22 years of living here, it’s been used twice. Time #2 was this morning, when hubby asked why it was only 59 degrees in the house. The heat was cycling on for short periods, but not long enough to raise the temperature much. Then again, it was 32 outside, so 59 was “warm.”

    Things got back to normal as the morning wore on –people off to work, not using their power so much.

    Realtor Snafus, computer crises added to the fun, but no need for my comment to be longer than your post!

  2. Yikes, that sounds awful. By the itme you read this comment, I hope that the plumber will have fixed your pipes, that your power will be on and stable, and that your cat will be feeling better. May your Tuesday be much better than your Monday has been.

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