Kids Will Love This Book

Today, I am recommending a book for the children on your holiday shopping list. I met this author at a signing event and fell in love with her books. She has a whole series featuring a family of dogs, and this one is her latest.

The Mystery of the Spaniel Family’s Dog House

This delightful book by Sharon Ellsberry, has unique characters, great illustrations, and a story that maintains its interest to the end. Children love stories about animals, and lots of adults do, too, and these dogs are endearing characters.

In this latest story featuring The Spaniel Family, they have a new adventure when a ghost invades their home. They call in a ghost hunter, who soon discovers the ghost is really Moe, the mole. The “ghost” then tells a spooky story and leads the Spaniel family to a house where something mysterious is going on. In fact, something mysterious is going on all over town.

The Spaniel family, Maggie, Joe, and Daisy decide that they must solve this mystery, so they follow Moe to the abandoned house. Jaba the Mutt, the bulldog ghost-buster, goes along, but he prefers to ride in the wagon instead of walking all that way. Once there, he assumes the lead and uses his “ghost finding equipment” to determine what is in that dark cellar.

This is a well-written story with an engaging mystery and a surprising, yet pleasing resolution. A great deal of attention has been paid to making the prose lyrical and appealing to young readers – and older readers. Kids of all ages will absolutely love Jaba the Mutt, and the similarity with the Star Wars character is unmistakable. The pencil illustrations by Amy Fox are detailed and delightful, pulling the reader deeper into the story and bringing it to life.

The Spaniel Family books are noted for the engaging characters, delightful prose, as well as poems and songs that young readers can enjoy. They are geared toward readers age 5-10, but they are also the kind of books that parents and grandparents can enjoy reading to young people.

The Mystery of the Spaniel Family’s Dog House
By Sharon Ellsberry
Illustrated by Amy Fox
ISBN: ISBN:978-0-9790777-1-5

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