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Last week I wrote about the column about Tucker Max in the Dallas Morning News by Jaclyn Friedman, a writer and activist. She criticized him for promoting a sexual philosophy where women are “insulted, tricked, coerced, traded, and then discarded.”

There was a flurry of responses to her column, some supporting her stance and others taking her to task. And I guess that is one of the benefits of living in the United States. We are free to voice an opinion, even a dissenting one.

Of all the letters that have filtered in to the Op/Ed section of the paper this week, one really stood out. It was written by a 17-year-old boy.

He wrote that he knows that as a teenage boy he is supposed to see Max as “the coolest guy in the world. But get real. Max is a user.”

He went on to write, “The only thing sadder than his view on life is the women he exploits.”

It did my heart good to read this young man’s letter and know that there are teens out there who are not buying into the philosophy that Max is promoting. I’m glad that there are teens who realize that casual sex just for the thrill of it doesn’t measure up to real love.

I just wish there were more of them and less of the ones who are following Max from venue to venue degrading themselves.

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  1. After reading your posts on Max, I checked out his blog to see just how bad it was. Let’s just say I regret that decision. Women are actually fans of this guy? I agree that it’s very refreshing to see a teenage boy who isn’t falling victim to the peer pressure and negative opinions that a lot of young people do.

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