The Party’s Over

The last of my company left today, so now I have no more excuses for not working. Darn. I sure was enjoying myself. I guess that is one reason that I like having my birthday on the Fourth of July.

I was playing the “It’s my birthday” card all weekend until one of our sons reminded us that it was America’s birthday, too. And since he is American, he could play that birthday card. Double Darn. .

In addition to lots of company and lots of good food, I got lots of neat presents. New books to read. An exercise mat so I can work off all this good food. Some lotions to make me all soft and pretty, and a new camera.

This is a Nikon Coolpiix P90, so I can no longer blame the quality of the pictures I take for on the old camera I was using.

One of the neat features this camera has is a setting for taking pictures of fireworks automatically. My daughter has that feature on her camera, too, so Saturday night we shot a whole bunch of pictures as the guys set off the fireworks.

Here are a couple of the better shots I managed.

My husband gave me the camera, and as I was shooting the pictures that night, I realized that he had given me a 35mm camera about 40 years ago, and one of the first things I did with that one was take pictures of fireworks.

I still have those prints in an album, and it was really neat to make that connection from so long ago to the present.

5 thoughts on “The Party’s Over”

  1. Thanks, Marilyn. Actually, I’ve never thought of myself as a photographer. I take pictures for fun and for my job at, but the latter only because my boss handed me a camera and said I would have to do the pictures as well as the stories. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Helen and Morgan. I have a couple of shots that are too big to load here that are really cool. My son in law was twirling sparklers and he looks like a ghost behind the swirls of light. Unfortunately, when I optimize the picture so it will load quickly, I lose some of the image.

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