Well, fiddle-dee-dee

Here’s another piece of nonsense from my friend Tracy Farr….

This story is going to be short. I’m working on a plan to train my cats. I want them to scatter whenever I come into the house, and I don’t want them to re-appear until I leave. To accomplish this, I went out and rented the best “Cat Away” device ever invented by man – a fiddle.

That’s right, I’m going to learn how to play the fiddle, and at the same time teach those cats to FEAR me!

The man at the store wanted to rent me a violin, but I wasn’t born yesterday. I stood my ground until he rented me a fiddle. And I decided to RENT one because I knew if I walked into my house with a paid-for fiddle, my spouse would have thrown a skillet at me and those things aren’t made of plastic, don’t ya know!

Yep, going to learn how to fiddle. That way, when I’m done piddling around the house, I can fiddle for awhile, and become the best piddling fiddle player in the neighborhood.

And speaking of neighbors – I have no idea what they’re going to think of me when I start screeching and scratching all hours of the day and night, but I’m sure I’ll hear about it sooner or later.

Well, got to go now! I see a cat – and I’d rather not!


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