Dying Trees

I spent the morning today burning brush from several trees that were taken down because they were dead. A neighbor took the large pieces of trunk to be chipped for mulch, but I had to do something with all the brush left behind. Started to pile it up to haul to a big pile by my burn pit, then decided to just leave it where it was and have a bonfire.

The tree had come down in a large area of our driveway that is all rock and iron ore. A great place to burn without setting the whole place on fire. Of course, that did make it tricky to back out from the car port. Had to maneuver around a couple of trees and run across the one little patch of grass we call a lawn. But we managed. And now there is nothing left, but a pile of ash.

We have quite a few trees dying and it makes me sad to see them come down. Probably have lost about 30 since we’ve been here. They have bugs and are also suffering from the years of drought we had.

I do organic gardening and have tried to save some of the trees around the house with some treatment and special care, but there is no way I can deal with all the trees on our property. There has to be a couple of hundred at least.

If any organic gardeners have suggestions, I’d be glad to get them.

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