Blaming Barack

In a recent editorial letter, a man in Texas wrote that Barack Obama’s candidacy for president has contributed mightily to the Wall Street meltdown. He further writes that the market is listening to both candidates and is frightened by the prospect of an Obama victory. A vote for Mr. McCain is a vote on behalf of your 401K.

A while back I decided that I should no longer read the advice columnists in the newspaper so my blood pressure would stay down withing normal ranges. Maybe I should do the same for letters to the editor.

How anyone can truly believe one man has that kind of power over the market is beyond me. Then to play on the fears of people by saying the only way to protect our savings is to vote for McCain is despicable. I don’t know if that is worse than the way some people exploited our fears of “the other” back when they were trying to protect society from integration.

Come on, folks. Don’t listen to fear mongering.

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