Ulterior Motives?

In the Dallas Morning News Sunday, a man wrote that Colin Powell had ulterior motives when he endorsed Obama for President. In the letter to the editor, the man wrote that Powell was convinced that his legacy has been sullied by his association with the Bush administration, “Mr. Powell jumped on the bandwagon very late and only after he was convinced that Mr. Obama would win.”

Then the writer speculated as to what future job awaits Powell for this endorsement, as well as how much relief he must feel after giving in to pressure from the African-American community.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. First of all, how could this writer presume to know what was motivating Powell’s decision. And to assume that he gave in to pressure was a clear indication that he does not know much about Powell.

If ever there was a man who did not give in to pressure, it is he.

If ever there was a man who did not give a rat’s ptooey about his future in politics, it is he.

And if ever there was a man who would not endorse somebody just because of the color of his skin, it is Colin Powell. He has always struck me as one who takes the measure of a man or woman based on integrity and values, not the depth of pigmentation.

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