I Once Was Bummed, but Now I’m Not

Had one of those really crappy days when nothing seemed to work right. Wanted to do an article proposal first thing this morning – one that I have been putting off for weeks. Stared at my blank screen for about a half hour, then said, ” Phooey!” Well, actually, something a bit stronger than Phooey, but I want to keep this “G” rated.

So then I thought I’d do some book promoting. Pulled up an old list of e-mail addresses from folks who had contacted me about one thing or another and sent out some cheery little messages about my new books. Most of them came back because the e-mail addresses were out of date. And most of them were just a year old. Guess not everyone hangs on to the same e-mail addy as long as I do. Sigh.

Then I ended up doing invoices for advertisers on WinnsboroToday.com. One of the least fun aspects of my job there. I had the invoices all neatly stacked up with the corresponding envelopes, when I dropped the pile and they fell all over my office floor. I like jigsaw puzzles, but I really have to be in the mood.

I picked them all up to sort later and decided I’d do a quick blog before I go take care of my animals. Came here and saw that I have a follower. My very first. I’m so excited. Somebody loves me even though I’m a klutz and have some days when I’m better off knitting than writing.

1 thought on “I Once Was Bummed, but Now I’m Not”

  1. Awww… 🙂 The email thing has happened at my day job. Or calls – where you call the contact and they have no idea who you are!

    Well, here’s good news: you’re going to be featured on my blog tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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