Meet the Author – Stacy Wilder – Charleston Conundrum

A Liz Adams Mystery

Cozy Mystery / Female Sleuth / Cozy Animal
Publisher: Wild Hawk Press ** January 15, 2022 ** 235 pages

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A Cozy Mystery with a Twist…

Liz Adams never imagined when she moved to Charleston with her truth-sniffing Labrador retriever, Duke, that she would use her skills as a private investigator to avoid winding up on Death Row.  

Liz’s life is upended when her best friend, Peg, is murdered and she becomes a suspect.  Liz’s gun was the murder weapon. Tensions flare between Liz and the cops as she rises to the top of their suspect list.

At the request of Peg’s father, Liz agrees to take on the investigation. Riding a roller coaster of emotions, Liz uncovers many secrets Peg kept from her despite being best friends. The suspects include a cast of characters: the ex-husband, the boyfriend, a coworker, several neighbors and family members. 

Charleston Conundrum takes the reader from Charleston, South Carolina to Paris and back in the emotional unraveling of Peg’s life and death, to a killer ending. It is the first book in the Conundrum series.


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Please help me welcome Stacy Wilder to the blog today for a fun and interesting interview. Welcome Stacy!

Where did your love of books originate? My love of books was nurtured by my mother. I used to wait eagerly for the arrival of the latest Dr. Seuss or Bernstein Bears book in the mail. Books have inspired my life. A dream trip to South Africa several years ago was inspired by a book I read in fourth grade about a family traveling on safari. I remember going to the New Orleans public library, checking it out, and devouring the book. I wish I could remember the title!

How long have you been writing? My first major in college was Journalism.  I switched to business and embarked on a career in accounting and human resources, leaving writing behind. As I approached age forty, I reached an emotional crisis. The left side of my brain had worked overtime and my right brain was screaming to be heard. I started journaling, writing poetry, and writing children’s stories inspired by our first Labrador retriever, Bear. Some of my poetry and children’s stories can be found on my website Charleston Conundrum was inspired by a trip to Charleston, SC, one of my favorite places in the world.

What cultural value do you see in storytelling? My grandfather was a great storyteller. I used to love sitting in the front yard, listening to the waves from the Atlantic Ocean and the various tales of his life, including overcoming great hardships.

How does your book relate to your faith? My writing is directly connected to my faith. The Cenacle Retreat Center in Houston, TX was pivotal to my writing journey. With the help of Spiritual Directors and programs, such as Artist’s Way, offered through the Center, I slowly grew in my confidence to write. Connecting with other creative spirits also made a huge difference.

Are there under-represented groups or ideas featured if your book? There is a subplot in each of the Conundrum books related to the homeless, either homeless people or homeless pets.

Who are some of the authors you feel were influential in your work? Beatrix Potter is my hero. I fell in love with her books as a child and have quite the collection. I’m fascinated by her life story…her interest in botany, her determination to publish Peter Rabbit, and the legacy she left behind with her donations of land to the Royal National Trust. Beatrix was my inspiration to donate a portion of the proceeds from the Conundrum series to causes that aid homeless people and pets. Beatrix was an avid journaler, and I’ve read her journals. I begin every day journaling and often get ideas for the plot or a character as I write.

What are some day jobs that you have held?  Have any of them impacted your writing ?At one point in my career, I did a lot of traveling. I’ve been to Scotland, France, Canada, England, Russia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Dubai, and Azerbaijan. Getting to see all those places, meet the people, and experience the culture has influenced my writing and expanded my imagination.

How has your formal education influenced or impacted your writing? I’m self-schooled, and I had to get over that. I don’t have an MFA. My writing skills were developed through Master Class Courses and other webinars, and I still have a lot to learn.

What do you like to read in your free time? Mysteries are my go-to. I received some good advice that I need to follow. Someone told me that I should read outside my genre, for example, sci-fi or fantasy. That might spark ideas that would be different or an interesting twist.

What projects are you working on at the present? Currently working on Carmel Conundrum, the second book in the series set in Carmel,  California, and I have rough outlines for the next two books after that: Cayman Conundrum and Colorado Springs Conundrum. (Titles could change. Charleston Conundrum started as Carolina Conundrum.) Each book in the Conundrum series is set in a tourist destination.

What do your plans for future projects include? I have some children’s stories that I would love to publish. The Urban Wildlife series is designed to educate children about coexisting with wildlife in urban areas. Set in the Texas Hill Country, the books are written for ages six to eight. Urban Coyote is the first book in the series. The Adventures of Bear series is based on the true stories of our various Labrador retrievers. The moral of the story is about making someone’s day. Aimed toward kids of all ages, the series is intended for picture books. Bear’s Hospital Adventure is the first in the series. Free downloadable pdf copies are available on my website,

What does your perfect writing spot look like? Is that what your ACTUAL writing spot looks like? If I had my druthers, I’d be writing at the beach. In the meantime, I’m writing from my workspace in Houston, TX. One of my favorite parts of this space is my writing wall. I coated the wall with special paint to turn it into a dry erase board. I’m obsessed with post-its and colored gel pens.

Is there any person(s) you credit for being your inspiration for reading and/or writing? Beatrix Potter.

Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it? Never say never, but probably not politics.

What’s something interesting, fun, or funny that most people don’t know about you? Like Lou, one of the characters in Charleston Conundrum, I’ve been known to break out into random song.

What is your favorite quote? Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. 

What do you want your tombstone to say? She made a difference.

Stacy writes mysteries, children’s stories, short stories, and poetry. Her debut novel, Charleston Conundrum, is the first in the Conundrum mystery series. 

Stacy’s mission is to deliver a delightful story to readers of all ages while benefiting a larger community. She donates a portion of the proceeds from the sales of her books to causes that support wildlife conservation and the homeless, both people and pets. A portion of the proceeds from Charleston Conundrum are donated to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

As well as writing, Stacy is passionate about her faith, family, Labradors, the causes that she supports, the beach, art, and reading books.

She and her husband live in Houston, Texas with a totally spoiled Labrador retriever, Eve.





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