Book Blog Tour: Introducing The Traceverse Saga by Eric R. Swanson

The Shattered Gate &
The Two Gates

Categories: Science Fiction / Genetic Engineering
Publisher: Eric R. Swanson, LLC.
Date of Publication Book 1: March 22, 2020
394 pages
Date of Publication Book 2: May 1, 2021
402 pages 


The Shattered GateThey selfishly pillaged Earth and made him a hybrid. Will his split nature spell the end of intergalactic abduction? Half-human, half-Ceran, Micah Trace yearns for something more. Though the repetition and isolation of living as a body double for the King of Ceres is crushing, he’s grateful to be treated better than the other genetically engineered humans. But when he discovers the ailing plight of his ancestors, he heeds the calling and cleverly insinuates himself into a dangerous mission across the galaxy.

Fearing their plan to repair a failing transportation gate might lead to disaster, Micah uses his experience mimicking the king to steal the forbidden authority he’s assumed for so long. But with ulterior motives darkening the depths of space, he may not survive to see the centuries-old connection between the planets repaired. Can the royal mimic win control of the ship before they’re lost to the vacuum’s void? The Shattered Gate is the thought-provoking first tale in the science fiction Traceverse Saga. If you like character-driven action, high-tech military defense systems, and intriguing political powerplays, then you’ll love Eric R. Swanson’s interstellar adventure.

The Two GatesBorn to serve. Trained to lead. Can a man of two species bridge the critical gap between his peoples?

2454. Micah Trace’s half-human heart races as his expedition approaches Earth. Taking leadership of a one-way-trip from Ceres, he fears the memory of a centuries-old mass abduction means they’ll face a hostile reception. And his desperate claim of a shared ancestry falls on deaf ears when the traumatized Earthers greet them with suspicion, capture, and interrogation.

With relations treading a knife’s edge, the off-world ambassador finally proves his genetic roots and convinces the nervous population to repair the stargate and reconnect their worlds. But some resent alien interference in the planet’s affairs, and Micah suspects that they may be willing to kill to ensure his mission’s doom. Can the hybrid herald unite his two species before the past destroys their future?

The Two Gates is the thrilling second novel in the science fiction Traceverse Saga. If you like complex interplanetary politics, stunning character revelations, and pulse-pounding action, then you’ll love Eric R. Swanson’s galactic tale.


THE TRACEVERSE SERIES! The Shattered Gate, Book 1




Set against the backdrop of a massive alien invasion, Buried By a Secret focuses on a young couple with a secret that creates distrust and a plot to uncover the truth.

Will the truth be discovered on the day the world burns?

On the day 100,000 humans were taken from Earth, chaos befell every corner of the globe. The story of Graham Shears, taken from Chicago, IL, is told in the first chapter of The Shattered Gate (book one of the Traceverse Saga by Eric R. Swanson). “Buried by a Secret” is a companion short story that follows a pair of young lovers in Tokyo as they discover something that kept a distance between them, unspoken.

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Eric Swanson was born in September of 1981 in Chicago, IL and his entire life has been spent engrossed in stories. Growing up in a Minneapolis, MN suburb, Eric developed a deep appreciation for stories with a wide scope. From being frightened by Stephen King’s IT to being enthralled by Orson Scott Card’s Ender Wiggin stories, the written word of others grabbed Eric and often refused to let go… Even after he finished the first reading of a book. Several of his personal copies of favorite novels have endured many many readings.

From an early age, Eric was a fan of all things science fiction with a leaning toward the dystopian and post-apocalyptic. The future fascinates Eric to no end, be that a realistic or wild-eyed and farfetched future. While he annually binges Battlestar Galactica (04), he dreams of worlds, people and happenings yet to be written. Eric lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, two children and a pair of Goldendoodles. They sometimes Tweet for him…WEBSITE ◆ FACEBOOK ◆ TWITTER ◆  ◆ AMAZON◆  GOODREADS  ◆INSTAGRAM ◆ 



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    1. Being able to sample the writing before buying a book is always helpful. I remember standing in bookstores and reading an entire first chapter or two before putting a book in my shopping bag. 🙂

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