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Author Insights

Brayson Morris joins the series in The Enigma Stolen as a part of the cyber assassin technology services (CATS) team. His background in covert military operations, multiple languages, technology, and analytical agility made him a perfect addition to the team. More than once, he illustrates his ability to respond to effectively a situation.

Gretchen Schmidt is a classic femme fatal, mathematical genius unable to interact with human compassion. In this novel Gretchen is dominated by her grandfather. She behaves obediently to the point of appearing subservient almost hiding her brilliance. 

Brayson is hunting the source of significant computer power, coupled with an unknown stock trader in Argentina. Following the leads, Brayson locates Gretchen. He realizes she is the young woman he had in a few classes during his college years. Brayson wants to root out the evil plans and uncover all the details to help extract justice.

As the conflict and drama escalate, Brayson is forced to explain his history with Gretchen to Petra. A salient portion of that reveal from the story can be heard in audible format at YouTube. ink:

Early reviewers of this novel found it interesting that these two characters crossed paths in their youth. Readers and fans wanted to understand more about the brilliant Gretchen, and why she had everything at her fingertips yet struggled with relationships. We wanted to share the early story of two students who passed one another like ships in the night.


About the Short Story

Brayson is determined to graduate at the top of his class in the exclusive master’s technology program from Warsaw University. Distractions are nowhere on his schedule. His talent, military brat upbringing, and drive to succeed will allow many doors to open to him with this degree.

Rafael, a fellow student, seems to pursue a different direction for his life and education. His plan may derail Brayson’s success.

Enter Gretchen—beautiful, brilliant, and abrasive. This desirable woman has even less time for socializing than Brayson. She is driven to extract every morsel of information from her professors, regardless of the cost. Her bodyguards suggest there is more to Gretchen than just a pretty face.

Are these three destined to collide at some point and upset their end goals? Could their future become irrevocably altered by their search for answers? School is hard enough without adding emotional baggage.

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About the Authors

Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey are co-authors of the award-winning Enigma Series. Their characters demand that their stories are told. The storytelling began with a few heroes, then expanded to those with self-serving motives. We love storytelling and hope readers enjoy learning  more about our shorts. Looking forward to your feedback and reviews of our stories.

Breakfield is a technology expert specifically in security, networking, voice, and anything digital. He enjoys writing, studying World War II his­tory, travel, and cultural exchanges. Charles is also a fan of wine tastings, wine making, Harley riding, cooking extravaganzas, and woodworking.

Burkey is a25+ year applied technology professional who optimizes technology and business investments for global customers. She focuses on optimized customer experiences. Rox loves interviewing authors, writing white papers, reviewing books, and loves creating fiction.

Together they create award-winning stories that resonate with men and women, young and experienced adults, and bring a fresh new view to technology threats of today. Please visit their website, look around, and grab some free stuff

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