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The Sisters, Texas Book 9 

Genre: Cozy Mystery / Romance / Women Sleuths
Publisher: Clear Creek Publishing
Date of Publication: February 11, 2020
Number of Pages: 228

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Hidden fortune. Hidden danger. 

Madison Reynolds deCordova is about to uncover a dangerous secret…literally.

During In a Pinch Professional Services’s latest gig at an upholstery shop, Madison finds a chair that’s perfect for her husband’s birthday gift. At least it will be, once she removes the worn velvet. Hiding the chair at Granny Bert’s, Madison tackles her first solo upholstery project but soon discovers more than she bargained for! A hidden treasure beneath the cushion puts her in the middle of a new mystery and new danger.

The treasure isn’t her only problem. While helping a young boy find his lost dog, Madison lands on the wrong side of surly businessman Lamont Andrews. Meanwhile, best friend Genny is worried about one of her café patrons. Mr. Pruett’s wild stories are getting wilder each day, and now he’s missing. Plus, there’s the matter of a troublesome new habit Maddy seems to have acquired: breaking and entering. It’s a harsh term for simply trying to rescue a dog and save an old man.

Somehow, she knows it all fits together. But what does a lost dog, a cluttered old barn, Mr. Pruett’s disappearance, and a hidden treasure have to do with her chair? Now someone is stalking her and her grandmother, and Madison knows that danger is on its way.

As always, The Sisters are full of fun, excitement, family antics, and more danger than the law allows!

Okay, I know Monte, the 11-year-old boy and his missing dog are not the main players in this mystery. But I couldn’t help but love that child who came in with his wad of crumpled bills and coins and pleaded with Madison to find his dog who had disappeared. Who could resist?

Monte is just one of the delightful characters who take part in this story. The relationship between Madison and her grandmother Granny Bert is equally delightful and the bond that they have is strong.

Then there’s the predictable Mr Pruitt, he of the tall tales and conspiracy theories that he shares at the diner when he comes in for his three times a week lunch of chicken-fried steak. His order is as dependable as the khaki pants and khaki shirt that he wears everyday.

One of his stories is about how people hid their valuables, especially gold, during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt. That was a time when people were encouraged to give their gold to the government in exchange for certificates.

When Madison hears that, she can’t help but wonder if that’s how the gold got to be in the old Victorian chair she’s recovering for a birthday present for her husband, Brash, who just happens to be the chief of police. The need to find out who might have put the gold in the chair, and why, took Madison into the past.

Granny Bert proves that the chair Madison found in a resale shop once graced the halls of the house that had belonged to Juliet and was bequeathed to Granny years ago. In her research, Madison finds out more about Darwin Blakely, who had dalliances with the two sisters, Naomi and Juliet, for whom the two neighboring towns are named, as well as information about gold prospecting right in that area of Texas years ago. This was an interesting look into the past for Madison, and reading Juliet’s journals became integral for ferreting out the truth about the treasure in the chair.

That mystery eventually connects up with some of those stories Mr. Pruitt spins, as well as the disappearance of the dog. At first, those two elements seem almost incidental, especially when Madison finds the dog. (oops spoiler alert). This makes for a plot that is not as simple as it might appear in the beginning, and I highly encourage you to keep reading the book. There is much more to come after my little spoiler that comes early on in the story. Stay with it for the rest; it’s well worth the read.





Becki Willis, best known for her popular The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series and Forgotten Boxes, always dreamed of being an author. In November of ’13, that dream became a reality. Since that time, she has published numerous books, won first place honors for Best Mystery Series, Best Suspense Fiction, Best Women’s Detective Fiction and Best Audio Book, won the 2018 RONE Award for Paranormal Fiction, and has introduced her imaginary friends to readers around the world.

An avid history buff, Becki likes to poke around in old places and learn about the past. Other addictions include reading, writing, junking, unraveling a good mystery, and coffee. She loves to travel, but believes coming home to her family and her Texas ranch is the best part of any trip. Becki is a member of the Association of Texas Authors, Writer’s League of Texas, Sisters in Crime, the National Association of Professional Women, and the Brazos Writers organization. She attended Texas A&M University and majored in Journalism.

Connect with Becki below. She loves to hear from readers and encourages feedback!

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    1. There is quite a lot going on in the story, in addition to all those mystery elements, which makes for a good read overall.

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