Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

It’s my birthday once again. They seem to come quicker and quicker each year. Funny how that happens. My grandmother told me they would, but I was sixteen then. What could she possibly mean? That summer I spent with her, the days moved as slowly as the cool breeze that wafted through the trees that shaded her front porch. I didn’t have a clue.

And yes, “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, born on the Fourth of July.” I sing that every year, much to the chagrin of my children.

One of my sisters sent me this lovely card, and the front message make me chuckle. The inside words brought a bit of mist to my eyes along with the smile. And don’t you just love those baby faces?

Nita's card



Nita's card inside


And since it’s my birthday, I can do whatever I want, so I’ve teamed up with more than 50 fantastic authors to give away a huge selection of contemporary romance novels, PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner!

The book I’m giving away is Play It Again, Sam, a story of love lost and then found again.


BOOK BLURB: When her husband comes home from work one day to announce he’s moving out, Samantha Rutgers thinks it’s a joke. She hopes it’s a joke. It’s not. He packs his suitcase and moves out. For twenty-five years, Sam was a corporate wife, a stay-at-home mom. Now she’s divorced, adrift, and alienated from her daughter who blames her for the divorce. And what is she going to do about sex?

General-Contemporary-Romance-Giveaway-Final (2)

The contest starts today and ends on Monday, 7/11. Enter for your chance to win by clicking here:

 Good Luck! 

To celebrate my birthday and the Fourth of July, I’m going to be out at the lake with my kids and grandkids, so this is it for me today. If you celebrate Independence Day, I hope you have a wonderful time with family, good food and lots of fun. We will have all three! And fireworks.


2 thoughts on “Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!”

  1. Pauline Hetrick

    I bet there aren’t to many people who has the whole content celebrating their birthday with fireworks like you do! You’re lucky, if you think about it!

    1. For the longest time, I thought the parades and picnics and fireworks were all about me. I was terribly disappointed to find out they were not. Thanks, Pauline.

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