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Please help me welcome Kasia Radzka as a special guest this Sunday. She is the author of Lethal Instincts, a romantic suspense novel. We are exchanging excerpts today, so I am a guest on her blog. Do hop over if you care to after reading her excerpt here.

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Lethal Instincts – Blurb

Lexi Ryder is in London investigating the disappearance of a young woman. Her search leads her to Soho’s red light district; a detective who might be hiding something; and a danger that lurks in the darkness.

Lexi was never one to back down from trouble, not even a little threat is going to get in her way. Except this time, she has no idea who she’s dealing with. The instincts she’s always relied on could get her killed.

Lethal Instincts – Excerpt

Rain tapped heavily on the window, obscuring the view to the inside of the vehicle. No one would make out his features if they walked past or glanced from across the road. His view wasn’t the best either, he could just make out her outline as she walked along the path, umbrella in hand, a pair of red wellingtons against her black stockings and above-the-knee denim skirt. A white sweater hung down from underneath her black hip-length coat.

His job was to watch. Observe. Take notes and make contact should the need arise. He didn’t completely understand the purpose of the operation but he was getting paid a mint and he had learnt from another’s error that questioning the boss’s motives was a bad idea. The other guy ended up sliced and diced and thrown in the river. He wasn’t prepared to experience the same fate.

The rain began to subside but the grey clouds hovered above, threatening another downpour. He stayed in the car and watched as she walked towards her building. She reached for the keys in her pocket, and slid the key through the front door before disappearing behind it.

He counted to ten and the lights in the second floor flat switched on, illuminating what was the living area. He knew this because he had been in the cramped flat before. His instruction had been to observe but he needed to understand the subject; the information he had obtained had not shed any further light on the woman, except to confuse him some more.

She came from money. She could live in Kensington with views of Hyde Park and not bat an eyelid at the rent, and yet she chose a modest one bedroom flat in Camden, a short stroll from the Tube. The only personal touches that he had seen in the flat were postcards from a few European countries, Spain, France, and Croatia. There was only one shot of the woman but it was one taken from behind where she was staring out to the Mediterranean coast, her hair caught in the breeze. One hand held the wide-brimmed hat securely on her head, and her tanned bronze back accentuated by the white strapped singlet she wore. And the flowers. She had vases of fresh flowers in the kitchenette, living area and her bedroom. There was even an orchid in the bathroom. An odd place for a flower but after a bit of research he had discovered that they thrived in the humid conditions.

And so he was confused. Lexi Ryder was not what he had expected. But then his job had taught him not to make assumptions. More importantly, not to underestimate people; and life had taught him not to underestimate any woman.

He realised that Lexi Ryder was not going to be an easy assignment. She might just be one of his hardest.


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IMG_3510About the Author

Kasia Radzka is an author, blogger, mum and wannabe athlete. In her lack of spare time she likes to run marathons, eat fine food, discover new places, and write action-packed novels. You can learn more at


Answer to character’s questions

Nickname – Lexi

Job – Freelance Investigative Journalist

Level of schooling, or self-taught – University Degree and the school of life

Birthdate – 5 May

Birthplace – Melbourne, Australia

Currently residing in… Gold Coast, Australia

Favorite type of pet – Dog, but she has no room for one in her life at the moment

Favorite place to visit – Europe

Significant other – It’s complicated

Most important goal – To figure out who killed her friend

Worst fear or nightmare – Failing the people she promises to help

Favorite food – Wine, burgers, and rockmelon – not necessarily in that order.

Wealthy, poor, or somewhere in between – Wealthy, but doesn’t like to advertise it.

Secret desire or fantasy – If she told you it wouldn’t be a secret.

What would you do if you won the lottery – Give half to charity, invest the other half and continue investigating stories.

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