Happy Fourth of July


And Happy Birthday to me.  Here is a picture of some of the early birthday presents I received. It is always so much fun to have a birthday celebration span several weeks, and this year has been one of those years.

The first present that arrived was the dragon that one of my sisters painted. She thought I needed my very own “Puff the Magic Dragon.”  Then one of my sons gave me those awesome walking shoes. Who would have guessed they would compliment “Puff” so well.

birthday presentsThe pretty blue bracelet was a gift from one daughter, and the necklace with dark beads from another.

owl necklace

The owl necklace is what you can’t hardly see in that other picture. It is from one of my other sons.

Most of the kids are coming out to go to the lake for a picnic and some fun in the water. We will probably not do fireworks, so these pictures  are from past celebrations when we had our own show here at Grandma’s Ranch.



I do hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe.

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