Friday’s Odds and Ends

One thing I’ve learned this week, don’t get sick half way through the summer drama camp. One of the other camp leaders said wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could schedule being sick. “Let’s see, I’m not doing anything from August first through the seventh. How about the flu then?”

Actually, I didn’t have the flu, but I had a serious infection which took forever to respond to meds. Hopefully, I will be ready for the weekend when we open “Phineas Peabody’s Magical Musical Circus,” which the kids wrote and produced with the assistance of a few of us adults and teen helpers.

Anyway, the awesome camp leaders took over and this may be the best show we’ve had from the summer drama camp. I wonder if there is a message there? LOL

Here is a picture of one of the girls who has been at the camp for three years now. She is a terrific piano player, as well as being great on stage, and she is so much fun to work with.

Next up are some pictures of the chalk art the kids did on the sidewalk leading to the door of the art center, inviting everyone to “Come to the Circus.” They did some great posters, too, as well as designs for the camp shirt and playbill cover. Drama camp stirs all kinds of creativity.

This last picture is from a planning session as one of the camp leaders and some teen helpers worked with the kids to brainstorm some of the story. The teen helpers have been through drama camp several times, and they have all continued to be active in the troupe of young players. I love working with the kids. And the lady on the left, Hayley, was one of the very first kids that I had in a show the second or third year I started volunteering at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts. What a thrill to have her back as an adult, teaching the kids and directing the show along with Jennifer Zimmerman and George Gagliardi.

L-R: Hayley Morris, Kaitlyn Sullivan, Hunter Williams, Kennedie Williams, Thomas Hulme

While I go off to finish the last details for the show, I’ll leave you with some fun from Pickles

Opal is in the kitchen opening drawers and calls out, “Earl! Have you seen Roscoe’s toothpaste?”

Earl is in the living room and calls back, “Roscoe’s toothpaste?”

Opal comes into the living room, holding a little doggie toothbrush. “Yes. You know. The special beef-flavored toothpaste I bought for him.”

Earl answers, “Nope.”

Opal looks at the plate on Earl’s lap. “Wait just a minute…! What’re you eating on those crackers?!”

He doesn’t answer, and she walks off shaking her head. “Oh, for pete’s sake. I can’t believe you.”

Earl says, “What? I was hungry.”

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  1. Thanks LD. Glad you stopped by. I’ve enjoyed the drama camp, but will be glad when the show is over. I only have a couple of weeks before we start working on our fall show. This one will be with adults, not 27 kids. LOL

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