Monday Morning Musings

As I saw the clock winding down to noon, I thought of the song, “Monday Morning Coming Down.” That was a classic from Johnny Cash, so I thought I would share that video with you.

I was gone over the weekend to the art fair in Killeen, Texas, and came home to an ice storm in North Texas. It is really, really cold here, and I spent most of the morning deicing water and feed pans for my outside animals and getting them hay and feed.

While I was freezing my tush off, my dog, Poppy didn’t mind the cold at all. She still wanted me to throw the ball and she didn’t even mind it when she slid across the ice.

Can you see the ball by her front paw?

When I finished all the outside work, I was happy to come back into the house and get a hot cup of coffee. Then it was time to catch up with e-mails that had piled up over the weekend, which left little time for writing a new blog.

So enjoy the music, and I will see you on Wednesday. Hopefully, by then I will be back on schedule.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings”

  1. Hope the animals were all okay – this has been a scary winter.

    I drove home in part of an ice/snow storm – fortunately the 8-14″, then 3-5″, then downgraded to less than 1″ is all we got – but it is staying all white because it is well below freezing.

    Do tell us about the fair when you catch up. And finish playing catch with the doggie.


  2. Hi, Alicia. The dog played every time I went out today. She is amazing on the ice and snow. Rehearsal wasncanceled again tonight because of the bad roads. Still way below freezing here. Hopefully it will warm enough tomorrow that the ice on the roads will melt.

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