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If I’d planned better before leaving town last week, I could have scheduled a post to magically appear yesterday for my usual Monday Musings, but I didn’t – plan well or schedule. So I decided to just share a few pictures from the amazing wedding I attended last Saturday.

My grandson, Bryan married Marion Kennedy at the Duke Chapel, which is so beautiful inside and outside. I did not know beforehand, but this is the second most popular wedding venue in the nation, and I can see why. While it has no specific affiliation to one denomination, it is Christian-based, and it has a very full calendar of services, weddings, recitals, and other events.

Bryan was the Assistant Soccer Coach at Duke and Marion is the daughter of the Deputy Athletic Director, so holding the wedding at the Chapel was a perfect choice. However, their connections to the University did not guarantee that they could get their preferred date for the wedding.  A year ago, they had to stand in line when the 2014 calendar was getting ready to be set, and they actually set up a tent like folks do for Black Friday sales events.

The Happy Couple
A Sparkler Send-Off
Anj, mother of the groom. Bryan’s sister Ally and Me at the Rehearsal Dinner

All of the wedding-related events were so much fun and so memorable. I had never been to such a formal wedding before, and those are memories I will treasure for a long time. Bryan and Marion have a wonderful circle of friends and I enjoyed every moment of the weekend. I stayed at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club and had my hair done at the Posh Salonquite an experience for this farmer-girl who lives in jeans and wears a hat on bad-hair days.

This following video has nothing to do with the wedding, but I was so impressed when I saw it this morning, I had to share. Even though I did dance at the reception, my moves were nothing like this amazing couple. I do love to dance and could cut a pretty good rug when I was younger, but I’m not sure I was ever as smooth as this couple.

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