Friday’s Odds and Ends

Tomorrow is the day. The Nite of Comedy plays on the stage at the Winnsboro Center for the arts in Winnsboro, Texas. If you are nearby, consider coming by and supporting the talented Young Players. 

200 Market Street – Downtown across from the Depot

I noted this past week that one of my favorite Dallas Morning News columnists, Jacquielynn Floyd, had issues with the spelling of her name on documents when she was going through airport security. Apparently the spelling on her driver’s license did not match the spelling on her boarding pass. Long before this, I could have told her there would be problems. I never can spell her first name correctly when I mention her in a post and have often wished she could just be Jackie, or Jack, or maybe even Mary. All simple names to spell, right?

I’m rather fond of the simple spelling of my name. What about you? Is your name difficult to spell?

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.” FDR.

That quote caught my eye when I saw it at the top of a recent column by Alex Rose in the Dallas Morning News. She has spent several years in the Texas Legislature and wrote about how we can have our voices heard over those of lobbyists. Her message was that special interests groups do have significant influence in federal and state governments, but that does not mean that voters cannot have influence if they band together and speak up.

I won’t argue the second part of that message. We do have to keep speaking up, even when it seems like our words are blown back in our faces by the wind of big businesses that have the biggest lobby groups. And one of the major things we need to speak up about is a drastic change in the political system, so businesses don’t have the kind of power they do now.
Now for some fun from the comics.

This first one is from B.C. and Wiley’s Dictionary: The definition of “Lip Service.”

“Regular botox injections.”

This one is from Baby Blues. The family is in a pet shop and Darryl says, “A puppy wouldn’t be that hard to train Wanda.”

She says, “O, really?

To which he responds, “It just takes patience. Look how well-behaved our kids are.”

Then there is a loud crash and Darryl says, “Okay bad example.”

Hammie runs up and says, “We just bought a tank of guppies.” 

 I had to include that one as it reminded me of taking my kids to the grocery store – not something I did often, especially after one of them knocked down one of those towers of canned goods that stores used to have.

Do you have a favorite story of taking your kids to the store? Feel free to share it. And don’t forget to leave your e-mail addy if you would like to be in the drawing for my Birthday Gift that I mentioned in Wednesday’s post.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Odds and Ends”

  1. I always took Sara to the store with me. One day, when she was maybe a little more than two, I was getting something off a shelf and heard some plops and blops behind me. I turned around, and she was grabbing everything within reach that she could lift and tossing it out of the cart. Every time she threw something out, she called, “Too ‘spensive! Too ‘spensive!”

  2. When the kids were little, we were at the grocery store one day. The store was promoting their “Chicken Licken” special and the signs were everywhere. Somewhere in the middle of Safeway, Brianne started singing at the top of her lungs….

    “Chicken Licken, walking down the street. Chicken Licken, the kind I like to eat.”

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Cairn. The things kids do in the store can be funny, but also so embarrassing. One time my kids were trying to get something out of the ice-cream freezer and one of them fell in. This was when the freezers were the floor models.

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