Monday Morning Musings

So, Governor Good-Hair as we sometimes refer to our esteemed Texas governor, has done it again. Rick Perry recently vetoed two bipartisan ethics bills and rescinded state funding for the prosecutors unit that is investigating his cancer research fund. 

In an article in The Dallas Morning News written by Christy Hoppe and Robert T Garrett of the Austin Bureau, Craig McDonald of Texans for Public Justice was quoted as saying, “Perry’s office is an ethical black hole. Ethics reform goes in. Nothing comes out.”

That is one black hole that needs to be closed up.

Perry also vetoed a bill that dealt with equal pay for women, saying that women have enough recourse in the Federal government for equal pay issues.

Umm, right. Like that is really working.

I think Perry’s hair interfered with his brain when he vetored those bills, as well as one that dealt with truancy. A bill to put the responsibility on school districts to find ways to improve attendance among truant students before pursuing criminal charges was passed by the House, but Perry shot it down. Under the current program school districts can refer a student to court after three unexcused absences, and Texas is one of only two states in the country that prosecute truancy cases in adult court.

Really? What about family court? As any teacher and he or she can tell you that the number one problem with truancy starts on the home front. 

On the topic of NSA secret-leaker Edward Snowden, Dallas Morning News columnist, Jacquielynn Floyd, says that we do need to be concerned about what Snowden is possibly doing in China and how that affects our national security. However, she also says we need a serious discussion about “…balancing personal privacy and national security. And in that discussion we should all get to participate.”

All in favor, raise your hands.

Yesterday I received one of those messages that authors just love to stumble across in their e-mail inbox. A reader contacted me to say how much she loved Boxes For Beds, my new historical mystery. In fact, she said she readthe book twice, and at first I thought she was the same person who had said that in a recent review on Amazon, but turns out she is not. To get that kind of affirmation for my work is such a thrill, but it is also very humbling because I know there are few books that I like well enough to read more than once. I am always so eager to get on to the next fictional adventure, I don’t often go back to previous ones. I imagine that most readers are like that, too, so it means a lot to know that at least two people have liked the story well enough to give it a second read.

That’s it for me for today. Leave a comment if you are so inclined and let me know what you are musing about on this Monday.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings”

  1. Great post. I’m musing about a number of things – among them are; as a former Texan, I don’t understand how an idiot like Perry can even get elected. The guy’s head is so far in rectal defilade he could describe his own colon. The other is, congratulations on the feedback on your book. I write historical fiction, a series about the Buffalo Soldiers, and when a reader reviews or writes and tells me that they learned something from one of them, I’m walking on air for days.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Charles. I, too, have no clue how Perry gets re-elected, and what is really scary is there is no term limit for governors in the state.

    Good luck with your book. I do like a good historical novel now and then.

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