Monday Morning Musings

Yesterday was a grand day. Since it was Mother’s Day I got to do whatever I wanted to, which included doing some gardening. For many years that was the day that I got a lot of bedding plants and put color all around my house. I don’t do that much any more as I have a lot of perennials that come up every year, so in more recent years I just do some re-potting and mulching and feeding. The rest of the day yesterday was spent watching movies, eating popcorn, talking to my kids, working on a new jigsaw puzzle, and just have a relaxing day with my husband.

I did take a break now and then from all that relaxing to take care of the animals, brush the horse, walk the dog and pick a few berries. Thought I’d mention that lest you think I’m a slug.

The Sunday comics section of the paper celebrated Mother’s Day in a big way on some of my favorite strips. On Baby Blues, Darryl and the kids buy Wanda a goldfish and a fish bowl for Mother’s Day. Several panels show them shopping, wrapping, then presenting the present with a great flourish. When Wanda opens the present, the fish is dead. Darryl says, “Well, happy Mother’s Day anyway.”

Hammie says, “Can I flush the body.”

To which Zoe replies, “It’s Mom’s special day. Let her do it.”

In Pickles, Earl walks up to Opal and hands her a flower and says, “Happy Mother’s Day, Opal. I don’t say this very often, but you are a great mother and grandmother. And you deserve a much better husband than me.”

Opal sniffs the flower and says, “You make a good point. But your trade-in value is shot, so I think I’ll just have to keep you.”

Then of course there was my favorite from Mallard Fillmore that I put in my blog yesterday.

Here is a picture of one of my Mother’s Day gifts. The wooden horse, not the cat. Harry, the cat, thought it was great fun to try to get the horse to play. When it refused, he jumped down and attacked the kittens.

For those of you who like cozy mysteries there is a new one out, The Cat, The Mill and the Murder by Leann Sweeney.  You can meet one of the central characters and read all about the book at Dru’s Book Musings.  And if you leave a comment on the blog you will be entered to win a copy of the book. I might even enter. Who can resist a story with a cat, or a dog, or a horse?

Over at The Blood Red Pencil there is a discussion about using cliches when writing. Some new writers think that they are okay because people use them all the time. I’ve even had some clients who were willing to take them out of narrative, but insist that they should stay in the dialogue. No, no, no. Give a reader something new and fresh to delight over.

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  1. Thanks for coming by, LD. The horse is quite lovely. The legs move, so you can pose it running if you’d like. Harry pushed all the legs down. Guess he didn’t want the horse to run away. LOL

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