Monday Morning Musings

This is my first day back to a regular schedule in my office. I came home from my three-week stay in Michigan last Tuesday, just in time to get ready for company for Thanksgiving. Our son and his family came from Austin for a few days, and it was great to have time with them. Already it is so quiet, and I miss them. However, I am glad to be back at work.

Yesterday I saw these two cats sleeping together, and I just had to take a picture. After a whole year of living together, I guess the two women have decided they can tolerate each other after all. Most of the past year had been spent with much hissing and posturing as the calico, Misty, told Daisy that she was not wanted in this house. I’m not sure, but what I think Daisy said back is not printable in a PG blog. It was nice to see that hostilities have apparently ceased.

While I did not join the throngs of people out at malls on Black Friday, I plan to do some shopping online today for Cyber Monday. What about you?

The bulk of my shopping will be for books – I have a lot of readers in my family – and a couple of electronics that I cannot get locally. Much of the rest of my shopping has already been done at local stores. We have some unique stores here in my small town, and it is always fun to find something just right for someone on my list. Antique stores often have real treasures, and I found one that I couldn’t pass up.

If you are shopping online today, I do hope you will consider one of my books as a gift for someone on your list. Most of them are available as e-books and in paper, and there is a wide variety of genres.

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  1. Thanks, Carol. I am close to being done, and my December birthday folks get a card and some money. They don’t live close and shipping is so expensive now, I’d rather give that extra to them to spend.

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