Today’s the big day here in the States – Election Day. The day we get to choose our next president. I hope everyone gets out to vote. Even though the system is skewed in so many ways, it is still the best system we have at the moment, and we all should be proud that we have the freedom to make so many choices.

Since I am out of town, I already made arrangements for absentee voting.

No matter who wins, I am hoping that partisan politics can be put aside as the government in Washington gears up for the next year.

Michael Engle from Arlington Texas wrote a recent letter to the editor in The Dallas Morning News asking that whatever political party wins the highest office in the county, that we not just keep replaying the same show in Washington. He doesn’t want the “We hate Romney and will not work with him” Democrat show or the “We hate Obama and we’re still not going to work him him” Republican show.

Engle proposes that this show plays out:  “You know, even though you’re not a member of our party, for the sake of the unwashed masses we are going to work with [whichever candidate wins] to actually help the people.”

What a concept. Politicians, are you listening?

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