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This weekend my hubby and I went to see the movie “Alex Cross.” There have been so many Cross books now, it is hard to remember what scenario goes with which book, and some of the elements in this movie hadn’t been in any books, but that was okay. Overall, I liked the movie. Tyler Perry did a credible job as Alex Cross, and in some ways he suits the character better than Morgan Freeman did in “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider.” I love Morgan Freeman’s work, but he just wasn’t Alex Cross.

Some critics are really panning the movie, so perhaps it is just a matter of personal taste. Tyler Perry is trying something so different from straight comedy, and some of the critics are saying he has not done that well in this movie. I beg to differ. There were a number of scenes that called for deep emotional reactions, and Perry gave them, especially the scene where he decides to lay down his badge and go after the killer. Granted, he does not yet have the depth of dramatic acting like Morgan Freeman, but he did a credible job here, and, in my opinion, will only get better as Alex Cross.

Now let’s just see how Tom Cruise does as Jack Reacher.

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While on the subject of reviews, I just have to mention this wonderful review of One Small Victory I saw this morning. Here is just a snippet: “I enjoyed this book very much. It is very well-written with good, accurate prose, a well-constructed plot and excellent characterization”

Doesn’t it just make your day to get that kind of feedback? No matter how many books we write, I think all writers battle little doubts all the time. Will anyone like what I write? Susan Mary Malone covered the topic of those fears that plague writers in a recent post at The Blood Red Pencil.

Well, folks, we’re coming down to the political wire. One final presidential debate airs tonight, and I can’t resist the urge to ask the two candidates to please stop the bickering and attacking and interrupting and shouting and act like gentlemen.

This is Ruthie’s take on the debates from the comic strip, One Big Happy: Ruthie is walking with her dog and says, “I wonder what would happen if nNinja Kitty met up with Buggy Crowspino. Would they get along just fine? Or would they get all nasty and start hissin’ and peckin’ at teach other?”
The dog just gives her a look.

“You know, like those guys on the TV debates.”

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  1. I haven’t seen Alex Cross so I can’t comment on the movie but I can say the Alex Cross series are the only James Patterson books I haven’t liked. Odd, since they’re so popular.

    Very nice review.

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