Lets all Vote

As this campaign season winds down – thank goodness – I’m trying to not let my cynicism over the mess that government and politics are in to deter me from voting. It is so easy to say to hell with it all and stay out of the mess, and plenty of people do, but that is the last thing we should do.

 Even though is seems that nothing is “for the people” or about the people, we need to hang on to this primary right we have to chose our leadership. And perhaps we need to start thinking seriously about a major overhaul of leadership, but that is a topic for another time.

Today, I just want to encourage people to be involved in the process these last few weeks leading up to the election. Don’t just listen to the news or pick up on the campaign ads, but spend a little time on the Internet visiting sites that offer factual information that can help you make an informed decision this November.

Politifact.com is a site that separates fact and fiction when it comes to what we can believe from political ads and press reports.

Factcheck.org is another source for ferreting out distortions of fact for political gain.

Both of those sites cover the presidential campaign, as well as various state campaigns and don’t show any favoritism to either political party. That is what makes them so valuable.

And if you get messages in your e-mail box that purport to have important information about Obama or Romney, go to Snopes.com to see if the information is accurate or just another urban myth. Some of the messages that have been sent to me with requests to pass them on have been shocking.

I got the idea to write this piece after reading a column by Steve Blow in The Dallas Morning News. In fact, thank you to Steve for giving the links to these three sites. The title of his column was Let the Truth Be Your Voters Guide in November, and he ended by saying “Investigate what you hear in the next few weeks. Don’t just accept what sounds good. Regardless of political leanings, our highest loyalty ought to be to the truth.”

Amen to that.

7 thoughts on “Lets all Vote”

  1. I think the important part is not just voting but voting intelligently. Do the research. Know who or what you’re voting for.

    Does anyone remember the story about the state representative who died between the time the ballots were printed and election day? His death was a top news story for weeks and he was still re-elected.

  2. LD, I do remember that story. Just shows how little some people pay attention to the news. I do hope people take the time to sift through the political sound-bites and find the truth before they vote.

  3. Sounds like a couple of excellent sites. Thanks. We want to be informed about what’s going on, but with all the political posturing, spinning, and downright lying, it isn’t always a simple matter to glean the truth from all the hype and innuendos.

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