Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 47th wedding anniversary, so I will just make a quick blog entry, then spend the rest of the day with my husband.

Sometimes I am amazed that we have made it this long. In terms of relationships, there isn’t a lot of longevity in my family. My parents were divorced when I was about three and my father remarried when I was five.  I was raised primarily by my mother, but did spend a lot of time with my father and his new family, which is where I got to experience the joy of living in a house with 15 other people and one bathroom.

My mother’s parents split when she was quite young, and I recently found out my grandmother was somewhat of a harlot. She liked her beer and her men. That side of the family is rift with divorces and multiple marriages, and it would take a whole book just to talk about all of that. So I won’t.

When Carl and I married, it was with the vow and the hope that we would manage to stay together for the long haul. Often we would joke that we couldn’t get a divorce because I needed him to tune my guitar and he needed me to chase the snakes out of our woodpile.

I still have the guitar, so I guess we’re stuck with each other for a few more years.

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11 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Happy anniversary! I love your story about the guitar and the woodpile. 🙂

    Yesterday was our sixth anniversary. I’m looking forward to our forty-seventh.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, LD. Killing spiders is also one of my hubby’s jobs, although I have gotten more tolerant of them since living out here in the country. My attitude is that they were here first, so I need to let them be. Except when they come in my house.

  3. Posts like this allow me to believe there is hope in marriage! This is ridiculously sweet and I hope you all have many more years to come. It’s funny how spending time and simple traditional anniversary gifts along with love, are all a girl needs to be reminded of the man she wants to spend her life with.

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