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I am thrilled that my mystery, Open Season, is now available as an e-book. It has been a long wait, but the publisher, Venture Galleries, has done a wonderful job with the editing and formatting, and Dany Russell made a terrific new cover for it.

The hardcover version of this book was quite popular and received some terrific reviews. It is always quite a thrill for an author to get such reviews, yet also a bit humbling, too. At least it is for me, and I am so thankful to all the people who have read and enjoyed my books. I remember when I was just a young girl and decided to be a writer because I wanted to create stories that touched people the way the books I read touched me. I never thought that childhood dream would become reality, but it has.


My publisher has a blog piece about my book as part of their promotional campaign, and you can read that HERE.

But do come back to read this excerpt from the book. This is the first of what the press will dub The Mall Murders.

Mel unlocked the door to the maintenance room and flicked the switch on the wall for light. He still had fifteen minutes until his shift ended at midnight, but he didn’t figure anyone would notice if he bugged out early. There was only one other person left in the whole mall anyway. And by the time the security guard made his pass through here, it would be well past clock out time anyway.

He pushed his tool box into its designated place on the dented metal shelves with a harsh scrape, thankful that he’d had a light workload tonight. Wouldn’t have to lose time with a shower. He could just zip out of here and head straight to his favorite watering hole. If he was lucky, he could pick up some good shit on the way. And Rita would be there with some good stuff of her own.

After locking the door to the storage room, Mel set off at a brisk pace, his boots thumping hollowly in the empty corridor.

He stood in the shadowed doorway down the hall, watching. He’d watched unseen before, waiting for the right moment. He’d long ago quit worrying about  the wisdom of what he’d planned. It was the only choice he had left.

He eased the door closed and listened to the thud of footsteps draw near, then pass.

It was time.

A rush of adrenaline sent his heart on a wild, erratic riff, and a sudden storm of panic threatened to overwhelm him. It was no simple act he was about to perform. All kinds of things could go wrong.

Maybe he should leave. Forget the whole crazy scheme.


The sound from the hallway ceased. He cracked the door open and saw the man stooped over the water fountain.

Go! Now!

Mel whirled at the unexpected creak of the men’s room door opening behind him. Who the hell was skulking around down here at this hour? He relaxed when he recognized the man standing a few feet away.

“You scared the piss outa me.” Mel wiped drips of water from his chin. “What’re you doing sneaking around here, anyway?”

The man didn’t answer, and the lure of Danny’s Grill finally overcame Mel’s curiosity. If the guy didn’t want to talk, so be it. Bastard never was very friendly. Not even when Mel offered to share some of his best shit. If anything, the guy had been downright unfriendly since then. So screw him.

The decision to act was made somewhere deep in his subconscious. He lunged, whipping the weapon around Mel’s neck in one fluid move and pulling it tight.

6 thoughts on “New E-Book – Open Season”

  1. Lord, I hate it when an excerpt pulls me in so I forget it’s an excerpt. So frustrating when I suddenly hit the end. Guess there’s an e- book purchase in my near future.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I’m just dipping my toes back into the blogosphere again after enjoying a delicious break. Just gonna eeeeease back in, and get back to posting on Wednesday. Sure am glad I visited your blog today, too … next stop, Amazon, to order your book!

  3. I’m with you, Patricia. There are some changes I don’t enjoy. However, this e-book business is exciting and a real boon for readers and writers.

    Thanks for stopping by Red.

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