Friday’s Odds and Ends

Heaven help us, we have twelve more months of campaigning that brings out such wonderful points for voters to consider such as this from the recent GOP debate:

Rick Santorum: Mitt, you’re a lying hypocrite and I’m the only one here who cars about family.

Herman Cain: Nine apples, nine oranges, nine lives, whatever.

Mitt Romney: Shut up. I won already.

Rick Perry: I hate your guts, Mr. Vitalis, and I’m gonna take you down.

Newt Gingrich: Yadda-yadda-yadda. You’re all stupid.

Michelle Bachman: I will hunt Mexicans with predator drones and Barack Obama’s cake is cooked.

Before people start objecting because I took these out of context, of course, you are right. It’s not fair to just pull out the gaffes. Every great once in a while the candidates did say something related to an actual issue facing our country, but the fact that these candidates would reduce so much of the debate to snark should make us pause.

Why do we have to be so stridently divided?

And would somebody remind the candidates what the definition of “debate” is.

And would one candidate actually give a direct answer to a question instead of a sound-bite.

Texas Ranger’s fans, don’t beat up on Nelson Cruz for the mistake he made in not playing deep enough to catch that ball in the bottom of the 11th inning. I’m sure he has plenty of self-inflicted lashes, and he needs to know the team and the fans are okay with him. It was a mistake, let’s get over it and go into game seven with a positive attitude.

After being missing for three months a little Jack Russell Terrier was reunited Thursday with owner Jim Arrighi in Erin, TN. The dog had disappeared from the owners yard and was found 500 miles north in a suburb of Detroit. A homeowner in Rochester Hills, about 20 miles north of Detroit, saw Petey last week in his backyard and took him to a Humane Society animal care center. Arrighi was identified as the owner when the dog was scanned for an implanted microchip. Story and photo HERE

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