Friday’s Odds and Ends

Smart Meters for keeping track of electricity usage aren’t so smart after all. In one area of Dallas, a resident’s electric bill jumped from around $85 a month for a small apartment to $670. It took two months and numerous inspections by the electric company to finally discover that a heat strip was malfunctioning, and that caused the heat and the air conditioning to run at the same time.

Too bad it took so long and several extra high bills before anyone would go beyond a perfunctory inspection, telling the apartment dweller, “Sorry, it’s not our problem.”

A firefighter in Irving, Texas held the record as being the longest-serving firefighter in the nation. When Captain Billy Holder, 77, retired after 56 years as a firefighter, he held that distinguished record. 

Kudos to Captain Holder.

One smart move. The Dallas County commissioners approved the budget for Parkland Hospital, and there were no bonuses included for the top 12 executives whose areas were found deficient in a recent report from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Reebok was recently fined by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising. Seems like those shoes they advertised as “toning” shoes, really don’t do what the hype says.

Hmmm… and I was just thinking about buying some. Maybe I’ll have to do some regular exercises instead. (written with tongue firmly in cheek.)

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