Friday’s Odds and Ends

Okay, professional sports has gone way beyond nuts. Used to be when a team won a major title the home city had a nice parade, with maybe some confetti and lots of cheering fans. But there was no violence. No riots. No looting. Then somewhere along the line all that got added to the victory celebration and the cost for cleanup was substantial.

I thought that was bad enough, but in a new twist, this week there were riots and looting in Vancouver, but not for winning the Stanley Cup. Thousands of fans took to the streets and trashed the city, injuring 150 people, because the Canuks lost the championship hockey game.

Could we all just grow up?

The latest news to come from the riots is a picture of a couple kissing in the midst of the rioting. A young photographer caught the moment and the photo has gone viral on the Internet. Ned Potter of ABC News wrote:

One headline called it “love among the ruins.” History will decide, but one could imagine it becoming as iconic as the famous Life magazine shot of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square the day World War II ended.

 I think not and I think it is an insult to make that association. Here is a link to the photo. You judge for yourself. 

So Weiner finally decided to resign. Good thing, too. I’m not sure I could have listened to his whiny little voice making another excuse for his behavior. And the latest news is that Hustler Magazine has made him a job offer. I thought it was a joke, but it’s not. Details here if you are so inclined.

If anyone is dying to buy my book, One Small Victory, in Turkish, here is your chance. I just received links from the Turkish Publisher.  

The book is listed on a number of sites and the publisher sent me links to all. Of course I vistited each one and it was all Turkish to me. LOL

I do like the cover. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Odds and Ends”

  1. 1. The Vancouver riots: How embarrassing for that city! The following day, there were tweets galore from citizens of Vancouver who are so ashamed of what happened. I wonder … how many of the rioters were out-of-towners there just for the game? With all the troubles in the world that need protested, is a hockey game that darn important?

    2. Weiner: I was so happy to see his resignation. It’s disgusting that people who are in the public eye these days have absolutely no morals or scruples. Where are the good role models for our children?

    3. Book cover: Wonderful! It must be a thrill to have a book published in a foreign language. Congratulations!

  2. Thousands of fans did not trash the city – a bunch of idiots used the occasion to create mayhem. Throughout the playoffs, large groups of people gathered all over the city to watch the games. There was never any problem. Real fans and Vancouverites were the ones who showed up downtown at 7 the next day, brooms in hand. By noon, downtown was spotless and police headquarters was flooded with cakes, cookies and thank you notes.

  3. Elspeth, thanks for the clarification. I did see what the citizens did in a news story later yesterday. Good for them. I never did find an accurate count of how many people were actually rioting, but every news story led with, Thousands riot in Vancouver.

    Thanks all for the congrats on my book. This is the first foreign sale, and so far none others in the works.

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