Book Review – The Innocent Woman by Parnell Hall

 Another review from Carl Brookins. This one is short and sweet. Thanks, Carl.

The Innocent Woman
By Parnell Hall

A Steve Winslow zinger.

Here’s an author who can write! Parnell Hall  has enough novels out you’d expect that, right? This was my first Steve Winslow mystery. It won’t be my last.

Fine, distinct interesting characters. Limited cast. A creative defense attorney hard at work for a surprisingly uncooperative client. First she’s fired after accusations of theft from her employer, then one of the owners of the firm is shot to death and Winslow’s client is arrested.

Watching this lawyer both in and out of court is a real treat.

The dialog crackles, the pace is next to pell mell and the explanations are precise. There is a good deal of detail, especially at the end. I would have preferred a more succinct closing to the novel with less sniping between attorneys, but it was a small price to pay for a fast, well done story.


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FTC Disclaimer – I don’t know if Carl bought this book or it was sent to him, or if he gained any compensation for writing his review. I only know the author probably will, as I am sorely tempted  to buy his book.

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