Friday’s Odds and Ends

In central Texas there is a wide area of devastation where trees are dying, as well as other vegetation. Environmentalists believe the sulfur dioxide emitted by the Fayette Power Plant is to blame. However, the plant’s operator and the state’s Environmental Regulator deny pollution is to blame for the swaths of plant devastation. Pecan groves in the area have seen crops dwindle from 200,000 lbs a year to 8,000.

Do you really believe the pollution is not causing the problem? 

Anti-gay activist Cindy Jacobs, who is a member of Generals International has posted a video explaining her belief that it was the repeal of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ that caused all of these dead animals to be popping up all over the country, including the thousands of birds that fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas not long ago.  Her reasoning is that because homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible, the barrage of dead animals is a direct message from God.

Hmmmm. Not the God I believe in.

A novel idea. How about we write laws in plain English? This was proposed in a recent editorial by author, Linda Chavez, and I wanted to stand up and cheer when I read it. She pointed out the clarity and brevity of the Constitution, which was written so the common man could understand it.  In contrast, she compared the Health Care Act, weighing in on 2,400 pages to the fact that “we abolished slavery and gave former slaves the right to vote in 100 words.  We guaranteed women the right to vote in fewer than 40 words.” “If legislators can’t explain what they want to do in 100 pages of less, they probably shouldn’t be doing it.”

Hear! Hear!

Celebrating 191 years of marriage. Yes it’s true. Three brothers who married three sisters over 60 years ago have between them 191 years of marriage.Growing up, the  Waters boys lived not far from the Webb sisters in the little Texas town of Dike, and eventually they all hooked up. Although the youngest couple did resist for a while. “We thought two was enough,” the youngest Webb sister said. The couples enjoy traveling together and will be celebrating anniversaries this year by going on a cruise. And the secret to 191 years  of happy marriage? “A whole lot of give and take.”


What about you? Anything catch your eye in the news recently?

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  1. Something’s going on in the environment. Did you hear about all the kids who are getting cancer and they can’t figure out what it’s from? I THINK this might be Ohio; can’t quite remember.

    That Cindy Jacobs sounds like those nuts who picket military funerals. What is wrong with these people? Oh yeah, they’re nuts.

    They don’t write laws in plain English because they don’t want anyone to understand them so you have to rely on paying a lawyer (the law writers) for every single thing.

    That’s real cute about the three marriages.

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