Friday’s Odds and Ends

The best news story of the decade. All 33 miners rescued from the mine in Chile after being trapped underground for over two months.

Need I say more?

There is a new ethics rule for Texas attorneys. They are now prohibited from having sex with their clients.

So, previously it was okay to have sex with clients?

Truth in Fiction:
“Kids detect marital misery through their skins, not heir brains, the way animals know when to run from an earthquake before the seismograph even registers the tremors.” From Raising Jake by Charles Carillo. (A terrific book, by the way.)

Presidential Arrogance?
Jonah Goldberg recently opined that President Obama let his arrogance take over when he (Obama) quipped, “That’s all right, all of you know who I am” when the presidential seal slipped off the podium during a speech in Pittsburg. Goldberg considers the comment self-inflating, “as if to say that the title mattered less than the man.”

Goldberg is entitled to his opinion, but what if Obama was simply implying that he was like a friend who doesn’t need a name tag at a dinner party. Nobody in that room needed to be told that he’s the president.
I’m just saying….

What are some of the headlines that caught your eye this week?

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Odds and Ends”

  1. I didn’t even mention the little girl because it breaks my heart to read about her. This type of thing is so tragic, yet it keeps happening. I don’t know how people can kill their own children.

  2. I agree with you on the Obama quip. The miners, of course, were the big draw for me. I wished I had cable so I could find a channel that showed each man coming to the surface, as well as the 6 rescuers who came up after them.

  3. Helen, I watched several miners come up via an Internet news source. One reason I am still so far behind on my work. LOL But it was worth it. You don’t see something that heartening very often.

  4. I stopped and read the sentence about the kids detecting marital misery through their skins several times because of the many truths inherent in the statement. This book was full of wonderful “life truths” that came across naturally, not like the author was preaching. A good read.

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