Let’s Keep it Clean

No. This is not going to be about curse words in writing. Although we did have fun over at The Blood Red Pencil Blog a few weeks ago discussing the use of certain words. Check it out if you are interested.

This is about litter. On my morning walk today, I noticed plastic bottles, drink cans, Styrofoam cups, plastic bags and other odds and ends of trash strewn along the side of the road. I live in what we call “The Beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas, and what I saw was anything but beautiful.

The litter is nothing new. I see it all the time. In fact, I often take a bag with me and pick up the trash, especially on the section in front of my property, but I will sometimes clear the whole mile that I walk. My neighbor down at the other end of the mile has put up “Please Don’t Litter” signs, and often the signs are almost lost in the debris around them.

I don’t remember there being this much litter when I was young. Of course, we didn’t have so many disposable containers then. Soda came in glass bottles that were redeemable for a nickle, so one would not just toss them. Plus, we didn’t eat and drink in our cars the way folks do now.

Even on long trips we would stop now and then for potty breaks and get a drink, and when it was time to eat, we would stop again. On the rare occasions we would eat on the road because Daddy was in a hurry, the trash was collected and put in a paper bag to be thrown out later. Once I threw a napkin out the window and I thought Daddy was going to kill me. I have not thrown anything out a car window since, although I was sorely tempted when the kids were acting up.

I’m really curious whether this problem of littering in global, or is it something unique to the U.S. Answers anyone?

I’m also curious as to what it is going to take to get people to stop littering. Obviously having signs and laws against littering is not helpin.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Keep it Clean”

  1. “I have not thrown anything out a car window since, although I was sorely tempted when the kids were acting up.”

    I laughed out loud when I read that. We were brought up not to throw anything out the car window or onto the ground. This is one sin I don’t have.

  2. It’s as if no one has a conscience anymore!

    Your quip reminded me of my nephew when he was a baby. My sister said she never had to wean him off the bottle. Sitting in the backseat, in his car seat, he got choked. She said he looked at his bottle angrily and threw it out the open window, and refused to drink from one ever again.

  3. For a second I thought you walked by my house. I have a double corner lot and Saturday and Sunday mornings you’d think this was Animal House. Bottles, cans, Food wrappers and various types of clothing.

  4. I don’t litter either. I can hear my dad saying, “Pick up after yourself.”

    Of course, he was such a neatnik farmer he sent my brother and me to our soybean fields to clear out the weeds and stray corn stalks so his fields would look tidy. 🙂

  5. I was in Palestine twice recently. I was probably close to you. But I didn’t see much litter in my aunt’s neighborhood.

    I totally do not understand people who toss trash. They’re oblivious idiots.

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