Friday’s Odds and Ends

Dallas country commissioners recently hired a consulting company that basically told them the same thing that a different consulting company told them two years ago: That the IT Department has serious problems. It lacks vision, management, leadership, and competence.

I’ll say. It cost the county $169,250 dollars for that second report. the news report didn’t say what the first consultant charged. Talk about incompetent leadership.

Newspaper headline: Even casual observers detect rising levels of acrimony in contemporary American politics.

I am so glad the newspaper pointed that out. I never would have noticed.

Speaking of newspaper headlines. Does it bother anyone else that the headlines are no longer printed the way they used to be? A long time ago they were always in ALL CAPS. Then They Started Being Printed With Just The First Letter in Caps. Now, just the first word is in caps and the headline ends with no punctuation

Who came up with that? For the online magazine I edit, I am still stuck in the middle of this headline progression. Can’t bring myself to use the latest style. Don’t like it, so I don’t use it. And so far none of my readers have complained.

Anything bothering you today? Go ahead and get it off your chest.

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