Do Politicians Think We’re Stupid?

Actually, I think they do. Consider all the mis-steps, lies, shady dealings, and other nefarious activities associated with those in the political arena. How can they keep doing all that and still try to convince the general public that they deserve our trust and respect?

The latest bit of shady-dealing news concerns Texas House of Representatives member  Joe Driver   who is on the hot seat for double billing the state and his campaign fund for travel and other expenses.  The total amounted to a little over $17,000.

Granted, not a lot of money in the overall scheme of things, but it is money he thought he was entitled to. When the double billing was discovered, he said he did not realize there was anything wrong with asking reimbursement from the state for expenses his campaign fund had already paid for. Can he look at himself in the mirror and honestly say there was not a little voice suggesting that perhaps this was wrong?

More recently, he has said an ethics official told him that charging both was okay. So, if he did not think there was anything wrong with it, why did he consult an ethics official?  I would really like to know the name and credentials of that ethics official.  None of the ethics courses I took ever had a loophole for outright fraud. 

Perhaps the biggest irony in this whole mess is that Driver has reimbursed his campaign fund, but not the Texas taxpayers. So he still get’s to keep the money. Shame on him.

What do you think? Is there any excuse for this type of thing?

12 thoughts on “Do Politicians Think We’re Stupid?”

  1. Do politicians think we’re stupid? No, they just started buying into their own political lies and think everyone else will if they say it well enough.

    In reality, it is the politician who proves just that stupid. Unfortunately they are too stupid to know any better…

  2. No excuse. I feel sure he knew exactly what he was doing – the same thing as all politicians: lining his own pockets. I say the minute you decide to run for office, you are headed down a path of corruption.


  3. I would like to believe when I say that politicians have cranail-anus-itis, but they are very clear headed when they blow smoke (up our anuses). They know precisely what they are doing and why – the money and prestige (essentially the money).

    I too, have not voted for an incumbent in many years. My husband would blame the outcome on the electoral college.

    What do you think, Maryann? Topic for your blog: The electoral Collegs: Why is it when we vote for the “new guy”, the same ‘ole (corrupt?) politician remains?

  4. Oh I love this title.

    I think something happens to some politicians when they get into power. They feel entitled – genuinely – to any perks that come their way. They feel like they’re working for the public and the public should pad their lifestyle.

    I think it’s like a mental illness. You know how compulsive liars start believing their own lies? I think politicians start feeling like taking from the taxpayer is really kind of okay.

    I don’t think it IS okay. I think they should be charged criminally, if only to send the message out to other politicians to maybe stop doing the same thing.

    But I can forgive them, the same way I can forgive a heroin addict for stealing a TV, or a scorpion for stinging me. It’s nature.

  5. Interesting take on the topic, Robin,a nd I agree that it is like a sickness. We see the same thing in “bad-boy” athletes who seem to feel some sense of entitlement. But I wonder if they are incapable of seeing what they do as wrong or just chose not to. Hard call.

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