I am not Believing This

I just read this news update and couldn’t let it pass without a comment:

“Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have called off their second engagement after he told her he may have fathered a baby with another girl. The other girl was not identified, but a pregnant ex-girlfriend of Johnston has publicly denied he is the father.”

Apparently Bristol learned about this turn of events the same day they announced their engagement – July 14th – but didn’t act on it until now. According to the news story, she decided to call off the engagement in part because obviously Levi does not know how to keep his pants zipped. But the primary reason cited was because he lied recently about going on a hunting trip. Instead he went to California to be in a music video that made fun of her family. 

Okay, I can barely suppress a laugh here. Are not all these stories about their on-again off-again relationship and all the reasons why just a tad embarrassing?

I think our society is more than a little skewed when one can become a celebrity by making all the wrong decisions in life and airing the dirty family laundry.

3 thoughts on “I am not Believing This”

  1. It seems like so much of the “news” these days are about celebrity laundry. The sad thing is, many people eat it up. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t become newsworthy.

  2. I agree with your comments, ladies. I think the fact that young people emulate the celebs is what dismays me the most about this. And I really hate to sound like an intellectual snob, but I just don’t get people who think this is viable news. It’s the stuff that used to be whispered about, but decent folks did not discuss it at the dinner table.

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