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Thanks again to Carl Brookins for sharing his book reviews with us.

Death in West Wheeling 
Michael Dymmoch
Five Star Mysteries, Hardcover,
182 pages, Hardcover, $25.95

Who knew author Michael Dymmoch, who has written such solid noir mysteries as “White Tiger,” “The Fall” and “M.I.A.”, could put together such a funny, even hilarious novel as this one, set in a small town in West Virginia, or somewhere close by?  Homer Deter is currently acting sheriff and he has to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a teacher at a local missionary school.

This case is just the start of something bigger.  Before long, Acting Sheriff Deter is faced with three more disappearances, an odd-acting ATF agent in search of illicit stills, a few apparently random  motor vehicle accidents, and including a twenty-three car pileup right in the middle of town.  And the funny thing is, all these incidents eventually connect.  That even includes the full-grown escaped tiger locked in the post office.

Author Dymmoch has some trenchant things to say about relationships between men and women, and about the state of our society.  It’s all wrapped in fine writing, a really excellent if skewed sense of our society, and some dandy plotting.  Pick up this good short novel.  You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I had not heard of the book, either, but I am going to check it out. My father had his first professional gig on the radio in Wheeling West Virginia. We visited that area a lot, so I’m sure I will recognize places in the book.

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