Calling for a true Statesman

One of my favorite political columnists, Froma Harrop, who writes for the Providence Journal, had a piece in the Dallas Morning News recently. In that piece she laid down the gauntlet, “Is there anyone in Washington who regards governing as a means to accomplish anything other than win the sterile game of Democrats versus Republicans? Every day, American soldiers risk their lives for their country, but people in Congress won’t even risk their jobs to pass legislation essential to the nation’s economic future.”

I stopped and read that several times. That’s what I do when I find something I think is particularly thought provoking. Then I read it to my husband who agreed that it was a good challenge. My cat didn’t seem to care.

A little later in her column Froma pointed out that there are one or two exceptions to the folks who won’t risk a politcal future for the good of the people. But out of a House of 435 members and 100 senators, it would be nice if there were more than one or two noble statesmen in the crowd.

I think all politicians should be forced to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and take notes. Once in office, a congressman or senator, or governor, or president should be focused on governing, not ratcheting up political points. If they take an oath to serve the people, they ought to be serving the people, not the party they belong to.

Are we so deep into the current political system that we can’t dig our way out?

4 thoughts on “Calling for a true Statesman”

  1. We have been that deep for as long as I can remember.

    I encourage everyone to really look at who they are voting for.

    I dare everyone to tell me why not writing in any number of different people would not be better than any current politician we have.

  2. The problem is with just randomly writing in names is that the career politicians still get elected because we have these huge political machines – lobbyists, etc – that control the system. And too many people are eager to vote for anyone who will treat them to a free BBQ and a few empty promises.

  3. It’s a tangled mess, that’s for sure. The only thing I can think of to do is vote out incumbents–all of them. And if that bunch doesn’t do better, we’ll vote ’em out all over again.

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