Toning it Down Again

Seems to be a pattern here the last week or so, rant one day, and mellow out a day or so later.

The mellowing is so much better.

Yesterday, my husband noticed this bird standing guard at the nest in the birdhouse. He had seen this bird a number of times fly in and out of the nest and figured there were babies in there.

Sure enough, there are, but even with my telephoto lens — which I am such a klutz at using I kept losing the birdhouse and would be focusing on our security light pole — I couldn’t get a good shot of the babies. For obvious reasons, I didn’t want to get too close.

This morning when I was weeding the flower bed near the birdhouse, I could hear the little peeps. That was so cool. And the guard bird gave me a look that said, “Keep your distance, lady.”

The birdhouse is one of several we have around our property, but the only one that is currently occupied. It was a present to my husband, who enjoys the birds a lot, and he has spent quite a bit of time watching this daddy bird tend to his babies.

We’re not sure what kind of a bird it is. We think it may be some kind of finch. Do you recognize it?

2 thoughts on “Toning it Down Again”

  1. It looks like a wren from its shape and posture. With the reddish color and the prominent eye stripe, I’m guessing a Carolina Wren. I’m going by the bird book here, since we don’t have that species in Nebraska. Adorable, in any case.

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