Writers and Their Pets

What is it about writers and their pets? I don’t know a single author who doesn’t have a dog or a cat or some other animal friend who is almost as important in their lives as their people friends. You’ll note I said, “almost.”

We do keep a distinct line drawn there, although that line sometimes gets a little fuzzy.

While I have not gone to the same extremes as some celebs who carry little dogs in fancy purses and bequeath millions to them in wills, I do love and enjoy my animals.

So do all the authors who are guests on a wonderful blog Pets and Their Authors. The blog is hosted by Amigo, a delightful golden retriever who owns author Mayra Calvani.

My cat, John, is the guest blogger today, so if you are interested he’d love for you to stop by.

5 thoughts on “Writers and Their Pets”

  1. I assume what you meant to write was something to the effect that “You feel humbly and eternally grateful that YOUR CAT allows you to make the occasional comment on HIS blogspot”

    DOGS have Masters.
    CATS have Servants

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