How Low Can We Go?

Just when I thought I’d heard it all when it comes to the absurdity of people, I run across a story like one I just read in The Dallas Morning News.

It seems that a woman in North Texas who was selected to be on Bridezillas – a show that should be on the bottom rung of the most stupid reality show ever conceived – was upset that her minister, her vocalist, her deejay and her bridesmaids all backed out of the ceremony.

What did she expect? I can’t believe that she thought they would all love to be on the show and have their five minutes of fame.

Thank God some people had the good sense to decline.

It used to be that people would do silly pranks for the notoriety or maybe a cash prize, but they weren’t pranks that crossed a line between funny and demeaning. What we often see on reality TV now has left that line in the rearview mirror.

Such as Bridezillas.

When I first saw teasers for this show, I thought they were for some new comedy. I just couldn’t believe that women who were entering into this “most holy state of matrimony” would stoop so low as to be part of this farce for real. The premise is to show the brides at their worst in terms of demands, tantrums, and maybe even drag-out fights, while preparing for their weddings.

And the audience is supposed to enjoy this? To me, there is nothing funny or redeeming about this show and others like it.

What about you? Do you think anything goes when it comes to reality TV?

1 thought on “How Low Can We Go?”

  1. Have to agree — although the most I’ve seen of that show is a 5 second clip commercial (it takes me that long to find the remote and change the channel).

    I will confess a recent affinity for “What Not to Wear” however. But I can’t understand all these shows about people with multiple kids wanting to have a camera intruding into their lives. I guess if you have that many kids, you need the money.

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