I’m Psyched

Been away from my blog for a couple of days — as you may have noticed due to the lack of posts since Monday – and came over to find I have two new followers. And these aren’t family or friends or people I’ve bribed to follow me.

The first one is Joe R Lansdale, and if you have not read his books, hustle over to the closest bookstore and check one out. He’s written a jillion, so there is a wide variety to chose from. I did a panel discussion with him at an author event in East Texas a couple of months ago, and that was my first introduction to this great writer. His books can’t be categorized. In fact, he said during the presentation that he just writes stories. Some of his books are listed as horror, and he does admit to taking a Stephen King approach to some stories, but the ones I’ve read are novels with a mystery element. The Bottoms for one. Great story.

My other new follower is Joe M O’Connell another terrific writer with a book Evacuation Plan, that I had the priviledge of reading and reviewing. The book is called “A Novel From the Hospice” and is an intriguing look at death and dying that is anything but morbid and sad.

Having two such acclaimed writers following my offerings here is a bit daunting. I know we’re supposed to be so cool and professional and act like we’re so used to hobnobbing with such talent that it is no big deal. But it is a big deal to me, and I am honored that they chose my blog to follow.

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