Sock it To the Consumer

I heard on the news today that one of the large oil refineries is going to cut production because the cost of oil is more than the price of gasoline, so they cannot continue to produce until the price of gasoline goes back up.

Excuse me. This is the same oil refinery that six months ago had record profits. Why can’t they suck this shortfall up like the rest of us do when we face hard times?

No, their response is to make sure they get more money and hold the consumer hostage.

Is anybody ever going to get the fact that we simply cannot survive if the economy continues to be driven the same way it has in recent history? We can’t just be focused on our own bottom line without regard to the impact on other businesses and other people. And we can’t continue to just keep throwing more money at the problem and inflating the paper economy even more.

We have to put money where it will do some good. Like into the marketplace and into individual pockets to stimulate retail sales.

Instead of corporations being bailed out or going into bankruptcy, why not ask the highest paid people to forgo their salary for a year. Certainly those who make millions every year have enough in the back to live for a year without the salary. And that money could go toward keeping the company afloat.

And instead of the government increasing the deficit to find money to help people through this crisis, why not a hold on all top-level government pay for a year? And streamline administration to save millions in man hours and redundancy.

Okay, rant over. I feel marginally better. That is until next week when the price of gas jumps for Holiday travel….

2 thoughts on “Sock it To the Consumer”

  1. Those people making the big bucks also spend big bucks, so I’d guess they wouldn’t have a lot saved if they didn’t get their salaries. I just get so mad hearing about all of those great retirement packages the bigwigs get, even in government, when I can’t even think about retiring from my day job to write full time because I can’t afford to pay the insurance. My husband is already on part time and we pay almost $500 a month for Cobra. It will probably be more when that runs out.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Good point about them not having a lot saved and needing a lot to maintain a lifestyle, but I think they could trim that, too. What do we all do when things get tight? We look for ways to survive on less.

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